Reduce over 90% of chlorine for softer skin and healthier hair.

Love your hair and skin again.

If you are searching for the best shower filter in Dubai or shower with filter or shower filter UAE, you are in the right place, our Shower filtration media removes chlorine and other harsh chemicals while improving your water for the healthiest shower experience. Natural coconut shell carbon filters out chlorine and other contaminants for purity you can feel.
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Reasons to Always Use A Shower Filter

Prevent hair loss &
Restore your hair's natural shine

shower head removes any hidden nasties in your water including chlorine, rust, and dirt! Yuck! Without using any harsh chemicals or sulfates, this shower filter cleans and clears your water, while taking care of your skin.
Only Natural

Shower Filter Cartridge
Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement

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The Highest Chlorine
Reduction Filter in the market

Water is among the most important substances in the world since every plant and animal requires it in order to survive. This liquid can also be used to clean and break down waste materials. If you want to be healthy for years to come, consuming filtered water is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.