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When water leaves the water treatment plant it is of the highest quality, containing only elements necessary for your health: mainly salts and minerals. In order to maintain the quality of the water all the way to your tap and also eliminate any risk of accidental contamination, chlorine is added to the treated water. Chlorine is usually added in very small doses at the water treatment plant and then at various points in the distribution network. This is because chlorine content decreases during water distribution due to reactions with piping walls and other substances contained in the water, including undesirable microbes

To preserve bacteriological safety of water, on average 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams of chlorine per litre of water is added at various points of the distribution network. This ensures that the water that reaches you is totally compliant with sanitary regulations. Chlorine content in water treated this way represents 1 drop of chlorine per 1,000 litres of water, which is roughly equal to 5 bathtubs.

Chlorine is added to water at various stages of the distribution process to kill harmful micro-organisms. While it is essential that chlorine is used during the supply process to eliminate potential contamination it can also provide some unwelcomed properties: It can attack organic material, such as sensitive skin and skin oils. As a by-product this can create a dry sensation for both skin and hair Chlorine vapor can be inhaled during a shower due to the steam created. While this impacts everyone it is particularly uncomfortable for those who suffer from respiratory-related conditions The body naturally absorbs the chlorinated water through the skin which again can irritate sensitive skin.

There are several benefits: Remove 98% of Chlorine and hardness impurities from Shower Water. It goes to work immediately, softening and purifying your water as it removes chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulphide, and unwanted odours Improve dry, sensitive skin and hair instantly – leaving your skin, hair, and whole-body feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized Reduce respiratory problems – Reduces the potential for gasses to be liberated into the air. Now you can take long, hot showers with no fears of any problems associated with unfiltered water Bacteria reduction Removes chlorine odour from skin and hair Scours out heavy metals – no more scale stains in your shower Reveals the natural purity and calming properties of water.

Feel the difference immediately Instant elimination of chlorine odor and scale stains around your shower.

On average the filter lasts up to 6 months depending on usage. The cartridge filter can be removed and replaced with few simple steps.

our shower filter is specifically designed to remove exactly 98% of the chlorine from your showered water. Here in the region, the facility management companies add a lot of chlorine to kill the bacteria in our pipelines. They don’t add ammonia which then generates chloromines for us to be concerned about. You would first need to confirm with the facility management companies managing your building or villa compounds to ensure they are adding ammonia, if so then a simple shower filter cannot remove chloromines, and if any company Guarantees they remove this using carbon you have to be wary as carbon only works in cold water and not hot water, hence why our product is specifically designed to remove 98%of the chlorine. We use KDF which is a mixture of copper and zinc and high-quality Calcium Sulphite to ensure we tackle the problem which is chlorine removal only.